January, this is the beginning of Anything you want




Rainbow roots and whats HOT in 2016? 



January, this is the beginning of Anything you want

Happy new year stunners! I hope that you had a magical festive season and spent it surrounded by love, peace and joy
With a new year comes new trends and as promised I AM HERE TO HOOK YOU UP!  
Lets start at the TOP - HAIR* 


You know how visible roots is the worst thing ever? apparently those days are DONE AND DONE* there is a new trend hitting hard and we are 100% behind it! Rainbow roots is basically the opposite of a colorombre, so instead of natural hair flowing into solid or multi-color ends your hair actually starts out with a solid or multi-color and fades into natural locks!
its fairly simple to do, but asking someone to help get the hard to see and reach places is a good idea (you don't want to be all patchy), simply part and secure your hair in however many sections you feel needed then start from a point covering your roots between 3 and 6 cm out depending on the length of your hair, this is also just a guide line, you can cover as much or as little as you please. 

Skullour has an amazing range of colour and can help you pull this look off effortlessly, whether you choose to do a single colour or go rainbow multi-color you will find what you need here –colours we stock neon pink, dark pink, orchid, dark purple, neon purple, dark blue, sky blue, dark green, lime green, red, orange, yellow, turquoise and white mixer (for pastels)  *they can all be purchased from ouONLINE STORESkullour is R80.00 a tub but if you take our bulk special of 10 you get 50% off! <--- Click here* 

according to the experts, here is whats HOT in 2016 
* FIERCE BROWS <--- Click here for tutorial*
Brows have not died down, they are just getting stronger and bolder! use our tutorial and keep your brow game STRONG! 

SOFT EYE MAKEUP <--- Click here for tutorial*
Soft eyes are in, seems like its the only *soft* we have for 2016, everything else is bold and bright, soft eyes make everything else pop, natural for the WIN! 

BOLD LIP <--- Click here for tutorial*
Out of all the makeup trends I must say this is my favorite, I love me some bold lip action, and anyone can pull it off! I know it seems daunting but stand tall and keep your head high, own that pucker baby!

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